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Storage terms and conditions

1) The following terms and conditions regulate the rights and responsibilities of the client (owner of wheels/tires for storage) and Kendal Auto Service, hereinafter referred to as „repository”.

2) The repository is open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

3) Receiving and issuing of wheels/tires is possible during regular operating hours. Dropping off wheels/tires is possible outside of regular operating hours with prior confirmation by phone; however, there is an additional service charge.

4) The repository is obligated to store tires/wheels in a storage facility and adhere to all the terms and conditions outlined herein.

5) Storage reservations are made in person at the repository or by phone (42) 651-10-82 or via e-mail at the address

6) The client must familiarize him/herself with these terms and conditions and must sign a complete registration form, hereinafter referred to as a „registration card”, before wheels/tires can be accepted for storage.

7) The registration card includes important information. The client needs this information in order to claim wheels/tires – in particular, vehicle license number and the planned termination date (pick-up date). Additional information can be included at the client’s request.

8) By signing the wheel/tire registration card, the client confirms, that the information given to the repository is true, complete and current.

9) By signing the receipt form, the client confirms that he/she is the lawful owner of the deposited wheels/tires or that he/she is the rightful representative of their lawful owner.

10) Tires/wheels MUST BE CLEAN (with treads free of dirt and any foreign bodies) in order to allow for a proper assessment of their condition.

11) A damaged tire/wheel will only be accepted if an annotation is made in the registration documentation regarding the damage.

12) In order to pick up tires/wheels, the client must bring with them the registration card, which he/she received during registration.

13) The client is obligated to check the condition of the tires/wheels while collecting them from the repository.

14) If the original registration card is unavailable, the client must present at least two pieces of personal photograph identification in order to establish his/her identity.

15) In the event of damage or any irregularities, the only basis for a complaint is the original registration card filled out in the presence of an employee of the repository on the day the tires/wheels were handed over to the repository. Complaints are addressed within 14 days.

16) The client confirms receipt of tires/wheels by signing a receipt form.

17) Wheels/tires, which are not picked up within one day from the agreed upon termination date, are subject to an additional storage fee. Because of variable atmospheric conditions (i.e. longer than expected winter conditions), there is a 30 day grace period during which, the additional storage charge is waved. In the event that wheels/tires are not picked up in the agreed upon period and the 30 day grace period expires, an additional charge of 10 zł (gross) will be added for each started 14 day period.

18) Refunds are not issued in the event the client pick up his/her property before the end of the agreed upon storage period.

19) The repository is not responsible for loss or damage of any property, which was not listed on the registration documentation. The repository is not responsible for loss or damage of wheels/tires caused by any event other than blatant neglect. In the event of any damage, the repository will exchange the damaged product for a comparable product of comparable value but a cash refund is not issued.

20) By not picking up wheels/tires within a 12 month period from the agreed upon termination date, the client effectively waives his/her legal right to the wheels/tires in question. The repository retains the right to pursue payment from the client including charges outlined in pt. 17 of these terms and conditions.

21) If, for any reason, failure to pick up wheels/tires by the agreed upon termination date results in costs or damages to the repository which exceed the total amount of additional storage fees in pt. 17 of these terms and conditions, the repository retains the right to seek compensation in accordance with generally accepted principles.


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