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ATTENTION!!! We provide reports from vehicle disinfections.

Undoubtedly, the newest addition to our offer is our vehicle disinfection / fumigation service designed for:

  • vehicles used for foodstuff delivery and/or delivery of other articles,
  • hearses,
  • private vehicles in order to remove grime and unpleasant odors (i.e. from cigarette smoke) or as a way of removing mold from air conditioning installations.

Depending on your needs, we may apply ozone treatment using a professional ozone generator as well as other anti-bacterial and anti-mold agents.

ABOUT OZONE (it is 50 times more effective and 3000 times faster than chlorine and as a result is the safest disinfection method !!!)

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen. Because it has very strong oxidization properties, it easily and effectively dissolves in water. Thanks to this characteristic, ozone is a very strong disinfectant and deodorant.

OZONE kills: bacteria, viruses, spores, mold and all other types of microorganisms

OZONE destroys: chemical contaminants (i.e. released from internal panels, floor mats, insulation, paint, varnish, plastic etc.)

OZONE eliminates: odors from both organic and non-organic sources (including tobacco smoke) by eliminating airborne particles, which carry scent. OZONE doesn’t simply cover up unpleasant odors, it removes them. It should be noted, that it actively removes the smell (for example of cigarette smoke) from the entire interior of a vehicle (including upholstery etc.). 5 to 6 ozone treatment sessions will completely eliminate the odor of cigarette smoke in a vehicle purchased from a habitual smoker.

OZONE TREATMENT is unmatched when it comes to cars purchased from a habitual smoker – tar the main source of odor – is deposited in all recesses – penetrating deep into the seats from all sides.  "Washing" upholstery removes grime and odors but only from the upholstery surface – it is simply a cosmetic procedure which improves the look of your upholstery but doesn’t remove the source of unpleasant odors. OZONE penetrates upholstery to a depth of 2-4 mm and destroys microorganisms and odors.

Vehicles decontamination following the transport of dogs and cats. Dog fur and cat hair which remains on car seats can become a breeding ground for rickettsia – absolutely ruthless intracellular parasites, which not only have the potential to cause allergic reactions but can also cause many diseases in people and animals.

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